Rehabilitation Of Two Schools Highlights Asot Michael’s Commitment To The Community

As a renowned socio-political leader in Antigua and Barbuda, Asot Michael has dedicated his professional career to bettering the lives of his neighbours, peers, and fellow countrymen. With extensive experience in public service and government positions, Michael has developed the vast experience needed to champion his constituency, implement systemic change, and rally on behalf of the interest of others. The Member of the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda focuses on the development of infrastructure, business growth, social justice, and action to create tangible change for constituents. Recently, the avid member of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party took swift action to rehabilitate two failing schools.

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

Asot Michael’s Commitment

Asot Michael is revered in the community because of his commitment to action. Unlike political appointees who merely speak on their convictions and intentions, Michael has been known to always follow through on his promises with swift action. In his constituency of St. Peters, Asot Michael literally put his money where his mouth is, announcing an actionable plan to rehabilitate two desolate schools in the constituency.

In mid-September, Asot Michael announced his plans to raise funds for the rehabilitation of two schools that have been overlooked by the United Progressive Party, and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party alike. As a result, both schools have been left with inadequate conditions, and have been failing structurally. Unsightly and potentially unsafe for students, these schools are in vast need of upkeep, and investment.

Plans For The Schools

Under Asot Michael’s plan, the rehabilitation of the Pares Primary School and Parham Primary School will begin as soon as possible. First, both schools will be painted and will receive new handwashing sinks and hand sanitizing stations. At Pares Primary School, a new security station will be installed. Upon visiting both schools, Asot Michael announced these plans, and handed out Back To School packages to 221 students, providing them with immediately needed items. These care packages included face masks, sanitizers, and other useful items designed to keep students safe. They also included basic school items, such as backpacks, crayons, stationery sets, and exercise books.

The Bigger Picture

Investing in schools, and other public infrastructure projects go beyond the actual act of physically renovating a space. It highlights a commitment to the people who will utilize the space. It showcases an interest in ensuring that residents thrive in conditions that are conducive to creating wealth, safety, and happiness. For residents of these communities, it fosters a sense of confidence in the local government to ensure that their needs are met. These factors all extend beyond a singular action and serve to establish trust, confidence, and a positive relationship with local government officials.

From an economic perspective, reinvesting and allocating funds to public service projects is a smart investment into a hyperlocal economy. Increased services and amenities within a community render that community more desirable for habitation. In turn, this ensures that home prices and commercial real estate both remain competitive. As more residents flock to a community, continued development and evolution occur, bringing in more job opportunities. Simultaneously, the hyperlocal spending power of these residents ensures that money is kept floating throughout a local economy, bolstering it with activity. This cycle continues, increasing in breadth, and welcoming continued growth for a local community.

In a grand sense, investing in public infrastructure is a singular action that can have long-term effects for an entire community well beyond the actual project. As a champion for small businesses, Asot Michael recognizes the importance of creating a desirable community that these businesses can serve. Thus, he understands the vast benefits of reinvesting in the safety, happiness, and opportunity for local residents.

Continued Commitment To The People

Asot Michael’s professional career has been dedicated to bettering the lives of Antigua and Barbuda’s residents. Throughout his career, Michael has been appointed to several positions, overseeing various aspects of government, resident interest, and business development. As a small business owner and entrepreneur himself, Michael understands the unique hardships, roadblocks and needs that small business owners face. He recognizes the power of small businesses to shape communities, foster overall growth, and change the local landscape. Thus, Michael remains committed to the people who make up the community. From allocating funds to rehabilitate local schools to championing the rights of small business owners, Asot Michael continues to rally for the people.

Economic Development, Investment & Energy | Parliamentary Representative for St. Peters and Former Minister of Tourism